About Us

Strom Global is a wholly indigenous company headquartered in Lagos Nigeria with branches in Canada and Texas in the USA providing services to various industries such as the Oil & Gas, Power and Energy Industry. Our capabilities are spread across Upstream, Downstream of the Oil and Gas industry, Marine support Services and Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Companies.

Strom Global was set up as a result of the need for continuous quality processes in the delivery of quality services and products to our clients world wide. With a pool of intellectual human resources, Strom Global is dynamic in the execution of project and client value focus in all its dealings. This has however lead to high turnaround efforts since its inception.

Strom Global is registered with a primary focus of providing best in class, fit for purpose and effective technical solutions to the challenges of the Nigerian Oil & Gas, Energy and other selected industry sectors. The Company’s history is one of continuous development and up-to-date technology infrastructure which has allowed it to evolve to being a provider of high quality services.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and reputable company in Nigeria and Overseas in terms of quality of products and service delivery.

Mission Statement

Creating an exceptional brand that is dedicated to providing premium quality products and services through innovative and creative partnerships that cuts across boarders using best practices.

Our Strategy

Employing the services of highly experienced professionals using combined approaches and offering innovative solutions. we believe in ensuring the sustainability of a project and maintaining a standard of service comparable to any available in the industry world-wide.

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